Banana Nutella Pancake Layer Cake with Whipped Cream & Strawberries

Joyeux Noël

There's a chill in the air, perfect for Christmas. My favorites - rich plum cake & marzipan cake which I can never resist. Christmas caps sold by vendors at signals, shops , bakeries adorned with festive decorations, star lights hanging outside windows, trees decked up with shiny baubles are sights I adore and they make this season more magical. I enjoy watching carol singing groups that go around spreading holiday cheer travelling in decorated trucks, making stops here and there. Replays of my favorite Christmas movies on telly makes it even better

Spread some joy, give a lot of love.  I wish I could put away some of the Christmas liveliness in a cookie jar and open it from time to time........

I've spent  quite a few Christmases at Bombay & Goa and those are my best loved holiday destinations in India , decked up with lots of joy,delish food and magic in the air ! Not to forget the company of  friends & family without which it would be incomplete.
A Christmas party at school long ago, is one of my favorites - decorated tables with food (frooti was popular then), all of us wore pretty caps with holly on it and a slightly unreal real Santa watching over us , made that day special . Not to forget the naughty smiles ! 
St. Anne's - Bombay

Went to the market the other day and I saw boxes of luscious strawberries, of course I bought them immediately , since I can't resist these. These gorgeous red berries make any dish look beautiful. The pancake recipe is from allrecipes, I added nutella and banana to it. The pancakes I made are thinner than the usual thick pancakes. Layered with alternate layers of soft  flavored cream and topped with strawberries, this is one dessert you can't refuse ! A scrumptious holiday treat . Tastes best when served cold. The cream looks like a lot, it is not so, was kind of melting when I took pictures. Also after I sliced it, felt the cream quantity was right.

                  Freeze it, slice it and DIG IN !                     

Banana Nutella Pancake Layer Cake with Whipped Cream & Strawberries

Total Time : 30mins
Serves : 4
Cooking Level : Easy
Storage : 2 days in fridge

Ingredients ~ 
1 and 1/2 cups all purpose flour (add 1/2 cup more if required)
3 and 1/2 tspns baking powder
1/2 tspn salt
castor sugar to taste
1 and 1/4 cups milk
1 egg 
3 tbspns butter melted
6tbspns nutella
2 medium ripe bananas
1-2 tspns oil 

Flavored Cream:
400ml low fat cream (chilled)
2 tspns vanilla essence
castor sugar to taste

10 sliced strawberries 

Method ~
Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a bowl
Chop bananas and add 1/4 cup milk to it, add to mixer to form a smooth paste
In the middle of the dry ingredients make a well and add milk, egg, banana paste, melted butter and mix until smooth
Medium heat - Heat a shallow frying pan, add very little oil and spread it on the pan to avoid sticking
Pour the batter (1/4 cup) on the pan and fry on each side till brown on both sides. It will puff up a little.
Make 5 pancakes in a similar manner
Whisk cream, vanilla essence & sugar in a separate bowl for 2-3 minutes
Place one pancake on a plate, layer cream over it . Place the 2nd pancake over the cream and layer cream again. Repeat this alternate layering for remaining pancakes, with final layer as cream on top
Garnish with sliced strawberries. Serve immediately
Can be served after freezing for 30mins-1 hour or in keep in fridge for 2 hours or so

Suggestion ~
You can use vanilla or butterscotch ice cream instead of cream

Love this version of Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Hope you have a  Merry & Bright Christmas filled with lots of peace & love !

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  1. ONGoodness pancakes cake just brilliant!! Banana strawberries and cream what's not to like. Happy Holidays!! Shulie

  2. Oh yum!! These look amazing. The nigella and bananas are great additions and you are so right, strawberries make everything look pretty.

  3. fun cake

    i always remember the park hotel having a nice tree

  4. Bananas and strawberry! YUMMMM! And did you say nutella?! Double Yummmm!

  5. @ everyone, thanks ! happy holidays to you too.
    @rebecca yes the park is usually decked up nicely :)

  6. All your memories took me back to my own Christmas memories. Just before the school break ( I have studied at a convent school with nuns) before Christmas, we were engaged in the whole Christmas-y jazz like decorating the trees, wrapping gifts for teachers and friends, having Santa come over and taking photographs with him. Such fond memories.
    The Nutella pancake layers with cream and strawberries are just the thing that can make anybody feel joyous.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. @ anita you're so right...all the memories you listed totally ring a bell ! i studied at a convent too. you're welcome :-)

  8. The pancake layered cake with fresh strawberries look heavenly!

  9. What a delicious idea for a holiday dessert!

  10. where are you in that photograph?

  11. @ all thanks was scrumptious :D

    @anita i'm 3rd on the left, no cap ;-)

  12. Yummy this one for my breakfast!

  13. wow...pancake layered innovative...looks amazing :-)

  14. @sanjeeta....that is perfect !

  15. @sonali thanks for stopping by , you have a unique blog !

  16. Yum yum ...brilliant idea! Love the picture of St Annes and the nostalgia. Merry Christmas!!

  17. @deeba, thanks a lot :-) merry christmas to you !

  18. wow..banana pancake layer cake ...absolutely sounds delicious..very well said..who can refuse it.
    Merry Christmas to u too

  19. Wow, this cake has everything banana, strawberry and nutella, I am in heaven!

  20. @ sukanya thanks a lot :)

    @asmita thank you...

  21. Hello Shruti, I have seen your comments in a few blogs and was intrigued by your blog name. I really like it and finally couldn't resist a peek here. Love your idea of layered pancakes to look like a layered cake. (I don't have multiple cake pans of same size and have always been put off by layered cake recipes that call for multiple same sized baking pans). This looks like and easy and delicious alternative. Merry Christmas to you too.

  22. @foodslice thanks for stopping by & your wishes. glad the recipe is of use to you, its very easy. i didn't bother making pancakes of the exact same size, worked out well.

  23. OMG!,Superbly done and deliciously served.Yummy!

  24. Yum, looks amazing!!! I love the combination of flavours with banana and nutella. Delicious!

  25. @christy....thank you :D

    @jennifer thanks a ton !

  26. brilliant idea.. looks so prety & different from any ordinary cake :)

  27. @ deeps...thanks ! yes definitely an easier alternative :-)

  28. Oh, I love the beautiful layers of your pancake cake...and so lovely with the berries! Hope you had a marvelous Christmas!

  29. I love this creative way of using pancakes and frosting it just like a cake. I need some, now :D

    Happy New Year, sweetie :)

  30. OMG, that pancake cake must taste divine!

    Best wishes for 2012!



  31. The pancake layer cake looks yum! Excellent!

  32. @ everyone thanks a lot for the wishes, hope you have an awesome 2012. this pancake was divine ;-)

  33. This looks so tasty...yum! Happy New Year!!

  34. @ culinary collage, thanks ! season's greetings to you as well..


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