{ Sippity Sip Fridays } Purple Fruit Shots

Colors paint life in gorgeous , joyful shades . There's something about them which mesmerizes me. Colors have a  hypnotic effect. I feel happiest when I see creative work around me, very inspiring. Visiting art exhibitions is something I enjoy. Photographs narrate stories through different  colors and scenes, puts a smile on my face. 

 Flowers are the earth's laughter. Nothing like a field full of brilliant flowers. When the sky changes different hues from sunrise to sunset, it is a stunning visual display - a gentle reminder of how nature never ceases to amaze us. A pretty blue sky with soft pillowy clouds is my favorite. Now if only I could pin a cloud to the ground. Dewdrops are like little pearls adorning the surface of leaves in a delicate precious way.
I see art in everything around me, flowers which look like they have faces to giant clouds which form  shadows on the sea. 

Spotting creative graffiti and pretty paintings on city walls is fun. Caricatures as restaurant decoration  make interesting eye candy.One of my favorite scenes is musical & dance performances at subway stations . At the market , baskets full of fresh fruits and vegetables are a vivid display I succumb to. Pop up and flip books make life a little more magical. Henna designs for hands and rangoli designs of intricate nature are art forms I admire a lot. Food made as different shapes - mickey mouse pancakes, heart shaped cakes , christmas tree cookies are goodies I dream about frequently. Old world charm never fails to impress through its ancient beauty.

Purple Fruit Shots ( Non-Alcoholic )
Recipe by A Spoonful of Yumm

Serves : 2
Total Time : 10mins

Ingredients :
2 Pomegranates deseeded
Pulp of 1 orange ( use rind as garnish for salads, or grate and add to juice )
3 Scoops Strawberry ice cream
1 tspn Vanilla essence

Make It !
In a mixer add all the ingredients and blend for 30-45 seconds to form a purple juice, with bits of pomegranate seeds and orange pulp
Keep in fridge for 2 hours or more and the pomegranate juice settles at the bottom of the glass as a lovely ruby red layer. Tastes better after chilling   

Variation ~   
For a lovely violet shade , add seeds of 1 pomegranate and 1 tbspn strawberry ice cream to a mixer and blend for few seconds. The more strawberry ice cream you add , the lighter it becomes. 

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What do you find inspiring ?

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  1. Beautiful looking smoothie and sounds delish too . Have a great weekend Shruthi :) .

  2. What wonderful color and ingredients in the drink!

  3. what a beautiful color and presentation! makin me thirsty now! happy thanksgiving!

  4. Gorgeous smoothie!!! I love the colour, and I love the comment that "Flowers are earth's laughter".

  5. they looks so lovely and are full of healthy tasty sips.

  6. Lovely vibrant colour of the smoothie..wonderful recipe.

  7. This looks so yummy, beautiful clicks!

  8. What a lovely post. Your fruit shots look really tempting and I'm sure they are delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. This look amazing. I love pomegranates...yummm

  10. What a colorful glass of smoothie! I love the idea of mashing pom and strawberry ice cream! Absolutely delicious! :)

  11. I expected to see some alcohol in there when i saw shots ;) But they look so good, I'll love them as it is! Loved reading the post..

  12. It really is a gorgeous color. What a great delicious treat!

  13. Yum! Sounds so fresh and delicious! Can't wait to give the recipe a shot :)

  14. thanks everyone !!! it really is delicious :D glad you liked the post

  15. Beautiful photos and the smoothies look so colorful!

  16. These fruit shots look delicious - the colour is absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Nice, really a beautiful & so simple combination of two complementing colors. Cheers !

  18. @ asmita..thnx !!

    @thelittleloaf thank you ...i love the color too :)


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