Plum & Pear Salad with Kiwi - Apple & Crunchy Butterscotch Dressing

Salads are my favorite anytime of the year. Fresh , healthy and extremely easy to put together. I had leftover apple skins after I made that scrumptious apple chutney , salad seemed the best way to use them . I'd bought gorgeous plums with the intention of making muffins with them, but skipped that idea and added them to this salad.

These plums aren't Indian , so they have more of a sweet taste. The Indian ones are quite tangy.  Mint and coriander leaves add the perfect savory taste.

When I cook, I add ingredients on the go...everything is not planned ahead. At the last moment I feel like dressing up the dish with some flavorful ingredient and in this recipe, it is butterscotch which gives it that sweet flavor & crunch, besides apples and pears.

This is a great lunchbox idea too. I don't think anyone can resist a tasty , nutritious salad

Plum & Pear Salad with Kiwi-Apple & Crunchy Butterscotch Dressing 
Recipe by A Spoonful of Yumm 

Total Time : 25mins
Serves : 4
Cooking Level : Easy

Yummy Ingredients ~ 
Sliced Plums - 4 (slice as crescents)
Chopped Apple - 1
Chopped Pear - 1
Skin of 3 apples (peel as long strips)
Seeds of 1 Pomegranate

Dressing :
Apple Chutney - 2 tbspns (recipe here )
Kiwi - Olive Oil Paste - ( in a mixer add 1 peeled and chopped kiwi , 1 tbspn olive oil - blend to form a smooth puree)

Garnish :
Mint & Coriander Leaves - 2 tbspns each
Butterscotch (readymade) - 2 tbspns ( crush butterscotch pieces using mortar pestle to make a powder with some coarse butterscotch granules)

Serving Dish : 8 inch pie tin

Make It ! 

  • Add apples, pear , pomegranate seeds , apple skin pieces to a bowl. Add dressing (mix kiwi olive oil paste and apple chutney) to this, spread dressing with hands or use a spoon
  • Next, add the above fruits to the pie tin and spread it leaving the periphery empty
  • Arrange the plum pieces around these fruits in a circle
  • Spread the mint & coriander leaves in a circle in between the plums and fruits
  • Sprinkle crushed butterscotch powder over the fruits in the center. Serve immediately

Suggestions ~ 
You can use caramelised nuts instead of  butterscotch . Recipe here
If it is a loose bottomed tin, make sure you place the tin over a plate , so that fruit pieces don't fall out, when carrying the tin

This recipe goes to Project Lunchbox by Family Fresh Cooking.

Have a great weekend . Happy Cooking !



  1. Awesome.....awesome......great salad & perfectly placed apple slices. Great presentation.

  2. hey thanks a lot alpana....but those are plums ! ;-)

  3. what a wonderful way to use leftover apple skins. I have thrown them away every single time.
    The salad looks very pretty and using butterscotch powder was a touch of class.

  4. Salad fan I am too.What an interesting idea with the plums;))

  5. colourful looking salad Shruti looks wonderful

  6. that's such a beautiful salad! I love the apple chutney too! I can use up some more apples with these recipes. :)

  7. ahhh i'm the same way when cooking too! i usually just go with the flow with what i have in my kitchen! this looks fabulous. i love fruit and i love salad! :D

  8. I've never had something like this...! It sounds and looks great...:-) !

  9. @ anita thank you ! i love butterscotch too :)

    @dzoli thanks...the plums were very delicious :D

    @tor thanks a lot :)

    @nadia - thanks! glad its of use to you :-)

    @junia - yep! your kind of healthy food ;-) i love fruits too :)

  10. @CG thank you :) hope you try it

  11. What a glorious looking salad. I know I'd love this. It is always great to have recipes for food that is good for you as well as beautiful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. @miss kimbers thanks !

    @mary so true ! glad you like it :) thank you

  13. Apart from the fact that the flavors sound totally awesome I love the way you plated this salad! It looks like a gorgeous pie almost! Delicious!

  14. @ simone...thanks a ton ! i'm glad i used the pie tin ;-)

  15. This is a stunning salad: so colorful, so fresh! I would even consider whipping this up as a decadently healthful breakfast treat.

  16. These sounds really good. I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Gorgeous salad!!! I love the way you've plated it, and it's so healthy too :D

  18. @ ashley thanks :D salad for breakfast sounds great to me !

    @ jackie you're welcome...hope you make it :)

    @ jennifer merci :-) glad you love it

  19. I love your idea of a butterscotch dressing. :-) What a celebratory thing to dress up a salad. :-)

  20. It looks so pretty I wanna eat it straight out of the monitor screen ;) u hafta make me this when im there! :)

  21. @ krista i love the butterscotch dressing too !

    @shabs ha ! now only if magic were real . thanks :)

  22. What an interesting and refreshing salad! Love the ingredients and flavors here!

  23. thanks a lot meeta ! i love it too....its a fabulous salad :D

  24. What an unusual dressing and I like the combination of the mint and cilantro here too.

  25. Oooh yum yum. Love your take on both...and that apple chutney sounds delicious too!

  26. What an unusual sald! I bet it tastes divine.




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