White and Dark Chocolate Fudge

Shab's always gives me the best recipes. This fudge was so yummy , i had to taste as soon as it was made....just licked it off the spoon , even though it was hot. I made it with only dark chocolate the first few times. This time i mixed white and dark chocolate and i liked that better.


Total Time :  15 minutes
Serves : 10-15
Level : Easy
Storage : 4-5 days in airtight container , store in fridge

Ingredients :
2 tbspns butter
1 tin condensed milk (sweet)
1 cup sugar (or more according to your taste)
1 cup marshmallows (optional)
300gms cooking chocolate (dark & white, 150gms each)
3 cups chopped dry fruits (optional) -  cashews, walnuts, almonds, raisins (unchopped)
1 tspn salt

Equiment : Cookie Cutters , Moulds (any shape)

Method :

Keep the ingredients ready before you start, since they all have to be added quickly and the fudge thickens fast. No need to chop raisins. Keep the containers(greased with butter) in which you are going to pour the fudge ready before you start cooking. A flat container is better since the fudge layer should be thin , 1 inch or little more in height. Easier to cut when the layer is not thick.



In a pan/wok melt the butter and add the condensed milk to it. Stir well . Then add the sugar to taste and keep stirring until it comes to a stage of rapid boil (low-medium flame)

 Take pan off the fire and add marshmallows (tastes better with marshmallows) and stir until they melt

Put it back on the stove. Add the chocolate pieces and chopped dry fruits , stir well and fast as it thickens quickly


Then add salt and stir quickly and mix well

Pour the mixture on greased trays and refrigerate for 2 hours

Pour some in greased butterfly moulds . You can use any mould of your choice

Then cut it into small pieces and serve. You can decorate the top with sprinkles or castor /icing sugar. I cut the fudge into different shapes using cookie cutters. You may have to wait a bit after removing from refrigerator , since its hard , cut when little soft. Should not be too soft , otherwise you'll find it difficult to cut. 

Place the cutter on the fudge. Press down till the bottom. Lift and place on a plate

Lift cutter to release chocolate piece

You can eat the remaining fudge ;-)

The butterfly moulds :

I make this yummy fudge every few months....it is scrumptious !!!

Notes : You can make the fudge without marshmallows, dry fruits. Tastes better with them
I used  50gms more of chocolate, you can increase the quantity if you like
If you want a rich dry fruit taste , add more than 3 cups dry fruits



  1. They look sinfully decadent and addictive!

  2. Hey shruti...........this looks absolutely delightful N mouth-watering.....am soo gonna get my younger sister to make it soon (younger sis cos i dnt really enjoy cooking..She thoroughly loves doing this....n i enjoy eating!!! ;-) ready to be the guinea pig)

    Thankuuuuuuu....will let u know once i do :-) :-)

  3. Good to see a Chennaite drop by at my space. And this dessert looks truly decadent, lovely shapes too.

  4. wow...love chocolates!!!...will definitely try out but not in summers...let the weather cool off a bit!!!

  5. Love this fudge...Liked the combination of white and dark chocolate...super irresistible.

  6. Well this is too tempting to try and is visually appetizing! Is there a different version for someone on a diet? :p

  7. Yummm !! the fudge looks decadent

  8. Absolutely delectable ~ The very look of of those fudge is driving me nuts I could eat that whole thing! :)
    US Masala

  9. delicious looking dessert looks wonderful

  10. This looks just about perfect for the chocoholic in me :) I was just think of throwing in all the ingredients into the microwave and get the fudge done quickly .. esp since its diff to keep waiting for such a yummy dish.

  11. This is too much of indulgent girl!! With all that white chocolate.. dark chocolate and marshmallows .. and then you have dry fruits too. This is going to be too good :)

  12. Thta is one sweet treat I love! Yours must be wonderful.



  13. thanks for stopping by and congrats on your win! was going thru ur blog, amazing and keep posting!

  14. thank u for all your comments ! they mean a lot to me :)


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